Shamanic Reiki

While I do practice and offer traditional Usui Reiki, occasionally a client is interested in something more. When this is the case, I use my intuition and various “tools” to assist with the Reiki session. This may involve crystals, stones, feathers, branches, and sound in order to address chakra imbalances. Shamanic Reiki also involves techniques that can facilitate cord cutting, and empower the client to release unwanted attachments, or anything which is no longer serving their highest good.

I do not consider myself a Shaman. I am, however, currently studying the principles of Shamanism, taking courses, and expanding my understanding and application of this ancient and universal healing modality. I am particularly interested in Core Shamanism, as taught through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. It acknowledges the commonalities of this practice across cultures around the world and throughout history. All tap into and honour elemental aspects of Mother Nature, the assistance of guides, journeying, etc., and most of all they recognize our connectedness to Mother Earth, Spirit, and the Creator.