Have you been searching for relief from stress-related issues, emotional challenges, or other issues that are preventing you from enjoying your life to the fullest?

  • REIKI allows your body to enter a high state of relaxation, which then enables it to heal and regenerate itself. Reiki has been used for pain management, stress reduction, the release of past traumas, and much more. Read more…
  • AROMATOUCH® TECHNIQUE massage involves Essential Oils and light massage on the back, neck, shoulders, and bottoms of the feet. One of the greatest benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils is that their natural properties promote healing at a cellular level. Read more…
  • Flexible hours (including evenings and weekends), and creative RATES solutions. Read more…

Millions of people are choosing a more pro-active and holistic approach to their health and overall wellness. Taking the first steps is surprisingly simple – you’ve come to the right place!

Michelle LaRiviere
Reiki Master
• AromaTouch® Technique Practitioner
• Independent Wellness Advocate (dōTERRA Essential Oils)
Life Coach: Tarot Readings for Spiritual Guidance and Clarity