The Healing Magic of Forests

I think the photo above is one of only a few that truly captures the magical ambience of my morning walk in Victoria Park a few days ago. I did not see or cross paths with a single other person – a rare thing these days.

My mood was initially neutral, present, and open as I wandered out into the mysterious and foggy neighbourhood near my home. Upon entering the woods, a noticeable shift occurred, which intensified even more on the unmarked secondary trails. It can only be described as awe and rapture.

Time ceased to exist – there seemed to be only the moment within each moment as it naturally unfolded and revealed even more of the arresting preternatural beauty before me.

When an experience becomes Zen like and completely saturates all of our senses, our mind, our heart, and ultimately our soul, we realize that we have attained a state the Buddhists call Nirvana – heaven on earth.

Healing mends the hidden fissures of old wounds when we leave our mortal bodies and become one with the microcosm all around us – with the humble beauty that arises from the richness of a fertile soil that anchors and nurtures all life, including our own.

Cycles leave their mark in the form of quantifiable growth – not always visible from the outside, but it’s definitely there. What shape have your own rings taken? Can you count them? Give it a try.

Forests have the power to clear the lens through which we navigate the habitual rhythms of daily life. Through the cleansing and clearing of mental clutter and emotional debris, space is created for renewal, wonder, and serenity.

It is our birthright to seek and celebrate the expansion of our spirit through the medicines that are hidden all around us in Nature. Gifts such as these cannot be bought… they must be experienced.

With love, compassion, and gratitude, I see you!

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