AromaTouch® Technique Massage

At the end of a Reiki session, I always gently massage the client’s feet and toes in order to ground and bring them back out of their deep state of relaxation. Everyone seems to really enjoy having their feet rubbed, and some have even said that they wished for more touch. More touch, hmmm…

So that’s how the seed was planted to expand my healing practice. I knew beyond a doubt that I needed to incorporate some form of touch therapy, and in the way that the universe has of bringing us exactly what we need at the right time, an exciting opportunity materialized.

Through my involvement with the Essential Oils community, I saw the post advertising AromaTouch® Technique certification training in one of our Facebook groups. I knew right away that this was the perfect fit.

Below is a photo of me performing the five-zone activation technique during our training. It begins at the sacrum with gentle pressure, and moves slowly up both sides of the spine toward the base skull and all the way to the crown. (A session lasts an hour, and no, your hair doesn’t get oily, lol.)

You’ll find more information, details, and a video by hopping over to AromaTouch® Technique on my website.


Reiki Master
AromaTouch® Technique Practitioner
Independent Wellness Advocate (dōTERRA Essential Oils)


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